Hump Day!

Yes, it’s that day once more! The day that camels wait all week for! (There’s a tiny possibility they don’t actually care what day it is, being camels and all…) And for those of you who work what are considered ‘normal’ hours, you’re about halfway through! Good job! You haven’t even killed anyone yet, right? I’m looking for a yes, you should be assuring me you haven’t killed anyone…… Um, I’m gonna pretend that was a yes… Anyway! You get a bunch of mindless rambling from me today…

I thought you’d be incredibly excited to know, that I have been working on my marketing lately… Using methods which shall remain a secret for the moment…. I know, you’re devastated… But I sense a plan coming for the future, so I must wait! I’ve even had success with a few programs that are earning me money, again secret squirrel… All in good time! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s not really that great a secret, I just hate boring people with long detailed descriptions, that may not even help…

So, I will give you details on a bunch of things in a post in the near future…. But, for now… I am going to link you to a post, on Klara’s blog, that I wrote in english, translated into swedish and sent to her…. It only loses a little bit in the translation when you translate it back to english ๐Ÿ˜‰


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